2010. május 11., kedd

Felhívás 2.

A tegnapi napon bepostolt felhívás az alábbiakban módosult:

Ok, the details for the Anniversary Project have been decided!

The deadline for sending your work will be the 2nd of June at the very latest, but it would be better if you could send it before that date.

We will receive your submissions via email, so please send them to andasali_m@hotmail.com. For any doubts you can ask in this post or add me (Dan) on MSN/Live messenger to the email address above.

We will receive 2-D works only (but if you want us to include something else, tell us and we’ll see what we can do. Nothing too complicated please) with either a drawing or a written paragraph detailing what Kagrra, means to you or telling them whatever you want. You can include both the drawing and the paragraph.

If you wish for your message to be translated into Japanese, we cannot promise that it will be (due to the various countries' fans involved and their native languages), but we will attempt and translate all that we can.

Your submission must include:

- Name
- Country
- Favorite Kagrra[,] song (if you can’t choose one, you may list up to three)
- A photo of yourself (optional, but we want them to know who their loyal fans are :3)
- How long you've been following them


-One submission per person!
Please ensure your written message does not exceed 500 words/characters, and that the dimensions of your image is between the resolutions of 1024 x 768 and 1440 x 900 and is of the highest possible quality.

-Your message has to include all of Kagrra,! You can dedicate a small paragraph for each member or use all the space for the band as a whole. ^^

- As this is a means of showing them our appreciation for their hard work, and congratulating them on ten wonderful years, please remember to be respectful of them. After all, it is their music, which we have adored and become so fond of and which has inspired us, not primarily their looks (well they are inspiring but we don’t want Nao to have his ego boosted up to space, do we? xD).

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